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At Build Up SC, we’re happy to serve the next generation in achieving incredible heights. You can discover all the skills and assistance required for financial success at our center, from classes on life skills to training for career paths. We give students a strong foundation so they can achieve in their education and envision a phenomenal future. Changing student lives one step at a time.

Our Services

Education Support Services

We provide comprehensive educational support, helping students reach their highest potential by sharpening their study and research skills. Our team of experts is dedicated to opening the world of academics up for a bright future!

Career Counseling

Stop searching and start achieving! Our career counseling services unlock the door to a future of amazing possibilities. With our guidance, you can take your first step towards success with confidence – whether that’s brushing up on job skills like resumes or interviews, learning customer service experience, or developing professional etiquette for work. Start making moves today and let us help guide the way!

Life Skills Training

At our life skills training center, we provide the tools needed to succeed in any area of your life. Learn how to build and lead a team; develop healthy relationships; foster self-esteem or boost financial literacy with credit, budgeting, and savings tips. Our aim is for students to have access to quality resources that empower them on their journey toward success!

Our Youth Development Program

Our purpose is to empower the youth of South Carolina by providing them with options and guidance toward success after high school. We strive to be an influential organization, inspiring our young citizens in their pursuit of academic excellence as well as professional achievement. Mentoring the next generation on how to make meaningful life decisions will enable them to reach beyond their limits in order to have a brighter future.

Participation in the program will help them explore their options, build skills and competencies, and access resources that support academic, personal, social, and emotional development. In addition, they will have connections to caring adults who will value their strengths, talents, and engage them in planning for their futures and provide them with the strategic, motivational, and emotional support and resources needed to be productive adults.

Skills Learned

  • Leadership
  • Life skills
  • Financial Literacy (Credit, Budgeting, Savings)
  • Job skills
  • Interviews
  • Resume
  • Time management
  • Customer service
  • Job etiquette
  • Career development
  • Effective Communication
  • Building Healthy Relationships
  • Self-Esteem Boosting Techniques
  • Enhancing Study & Research Skills

Too often, our youth are asked to choose a career without making an informed decision.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate the youth on their options to success after graduating high school and to prepare the youth for adulthood.

Our Vision

To be a leading organization in South Carolina that helps youth and young adults reach their full potential in education and in their chosen career fields.

We empower students in gaining self-assurance and life skills

At Build Up SC, we believe that it is absolutely essential to invest in our youth. Our experienced team understands the challenges and concerns of today’s young people, and we provide tools and resources to help them build both their confidence and life skills.

With customized guidance, youth can identify their individual strengths, set achievable goals and learn how to make meaningful life choices along the way. We strongly believe that giving our youth the support they need now will enable them to unlock their potential for a brighter future ahead.

“The only solution to poverty is education.”

-Raleigh D. Fletcher

Why Choose Us


We are fueled by fiery enthusiasm and devoted dedication. From start to finish, we take care of all the details so you can relax and focus on what’s important – your child’s success.


Our organization takes pride in nurturing and developing young scholars’ minds. With our qualified professionals, we aim to provide teens with an elite education that will transform their futures.


We have years of experience and expertise, which allows us to provide quality services to improve our students’ quality of life.

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Build Up SC (Non-Profit Organization)


Donating to our non-profit mission today is a great way to show your support and make a difference in our youth’s career and life development mission. Your contribution will ensure that everyone has the opportunity for success.

Help up gain the proper resources to further educate our youth!

500 bookbags, 500 pens, 500 pencils, 500 packs of notebook paper, 500 binders, 500 notebooks, 500 books, 500 career assessments, and 500 personality assessments

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